Ligaments/Joints of the Tibia

In regards to Kevin Ware’s injury, he experienced a compound tibia fracture which means his tibia bone broke at the diaphysis. The diaphysis or the shaft of the tibia bone provides major weight support of the bone and is the only weight bearing bone of the lower leg region. Since Kevin Ware’s injury occurred on the shaft of the tibia, there wasn’t any ligament or joint damage, only damage to the bone.

But it is still good to know the ligaments and joints that the tibia articulates with: knee and ankle joint.


An articulation is the place of contact between bones; this is where two bones meet and articulate with each other to form joints. Joints allow for mobility and stability between these bones. The superior and inferior tibiofibular joints are syndesmoses which means they are fibrous joints and the articulating bones are joined by long strands of dense regular connective tissue. Syndesmosis joints are under the functional classification of amphiarthrosis which means they are slightly mobile.

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Ligaments vs. Joint

A joint is where two or more bones come together whereas a ligament is the connective tissue which attaches bone to bone and serves to hold the structures together to keep them stable. The ligaments of the leg consists of the medial collateral ligament which connects the femur to the tiba, the lateral collateral ligament which connects the femur to fibula, the popliteal ligaments which connects the femur to the heads of the tibia and the fibula, the anterior cruciate ligament which connects the tibia to the lateral edge of the femur, and the posterior cruciate ligament which connects the tibia to the medial edge of the femur. The tibia and fibula are connected together by an interosseous membrane which is a ligament that articulates the shafts of the tibia bone and fibula bone binding them side by side. The interosseous membrane stabilizes the position of the tibia and fibula and provides a pivot of minimal rotation for the two bones.

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